After you suffer damage to your home or business premises it is sometimes overwhelming dealing with the claim process and trying to see beyond the crisis. It is at this point in time you need an insurance repair specialist who will look after your interests. Whether you have suffered storm damage, water damagesmoke damage or fire damage, we are able to help.

At Insure Restore we are committed to restoring your home or business to a position prior to incurring the loss. Regardless of the extent of your damage, we use our experience and knowledge of the building industry to provide a high level of support throughout the entire process. Here are a few reasons why we are the ideal partner to help you restore your home or business premises:

  • We manage the entire claims process on your behalf after the initial phone call to us
  • Your insurer will have a detailed damage report assessment within 48 hours of our surveyor visiting your property, we want you back in your home as soon as possible
  • Our estimates are objective, we do not work for the insurance company, we work for you ensuring you get the best payout to cover all repairs without paying a penny extra
  • We have an experienced and professional team covering all trades and we can handle big or small insurance repairs
  • We are insurance repair specialists because we deal with insurance claims day in and day out
  • We have a proven track record in delivering high quality insurance repair work for all trades, from building work to kitchen restorations and decorating
  • We are a leading insurance repairs company and deal with leading insurers including Churchill, Allianz and AXA, we know their process and so we can save you time when dealing with your insurer
  • Hassle-free fire, storm, smoke or water damage claims and repair process
  • We keep you updated at every stage of the process so you never have to guess at what is going to happen next
  • We have a high claim success record. We carry out the necessary due diligence upfront and prepare a comprehensive estimate with supporting evidence that insurance companies cannot find grounds to reject the claim
  • Short claim cycle - some insurance claims drag on for weeks or even months, but not with us. Because of our experience working with the leading insurers we can anticipate the questions they ask and the information they require and provide it from the onset. This saves us time and prevents the frustrations of a claim taking months to settle.

You now have more than just one reason to choose us, we are waiting to take your call right now. Call us today to get your claims process into motion, the sooner you call the sooner we can have your property restored.

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