If you have been near a fire then you know the signs can linger much longer after the flame is gone. As an example, can you remember the last time you had a barbeque? How long after the meat was eaten could you still smell the smoke? Now imagine a house fire, contained and controlled before wreaking havoc, but after it had created its fair share of smoke. What are the signs of smoke damage and what repairs are required? If you have suffered smoke damage in your home, read on to find out why it is important to ensure professionals are called in to carry out repair work.

Common Signs Of Smoke Damage

After the flames have been put out, it’s common to assume the danger has passed. Smoke and ash from the fire, however, can continue to cause damage to your home. Common signs of smoke damage you need to look out for include:

  • Surface discolouration from the ash. Within hours of a fire yellowing of surfaces will begin.

  • Corroding metal surfaces just days after a fire

  • Lingering strong smells on fabric such as curtains and upholstery

  • Etching on glass surfaces

  • Soot and ash covered ceilings and walls

Why Is Smoke Damage Repair Important?

As mentioned above, smoke damage will not go away on its own. Opening windows and airing your home will rarely work because smoke, soot and ash particles will penetrate the surfaces in your home. A professional cleaning and restoration service is required to eliminate the odours, as well as stopping further damage. It is therefore essential to call in restoration experts as soon as possible after a fire.

Professional Smoke Damage Repair

Is it possible to carry out smoke damage repair yourself? It’s just a matter of a new coat of paint right? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Attempting to carry out smoke damage restoration as a DIY job is bound to fail. Without an understanding of the nature of smoke damage, the new coat of paint will meet a similar fate. It will yellow and discolor as well.


Putting in a smoke damage claim to your insurer is recommended because they will foot the bill. A professional restorer like Insure Restore will perform the following as part of the process:

  • Eliminate soot from household textiles such as carpets and curtains

  • Removing smoke odor from textiles and upholstery

  • Cleaning furnishings

  • Cleaning soot stains from walls and ceilings and redecorating

  • Removing smoke odor from the entire home

If your home has suffered smoke damage and you are thinking of taking the DIY approach to cleaning and restoration, don’t! Give Insure Restore a call today for a FREE smoke damage repair quote and also find out how we can manage your insurance claim for you too.

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