The period immediately after damage in your Glasgow home is often full of emotions. A lot goes through your mind, especially if you lost irreplaceable possessions. At Insure Restore, we aim to return you to a comfortable situation quickly. Having one point of call for all claims and repair processes means you don’t have to be spending a lot of time on the phone. Our professional touch and sensitive handling of the things that matter most to you is one of the reasons our customers recommend us.

Common Glasgow Insurance Repairs

Your home insurance cover will protect you against a number of different causes of loss, we will repair damage caused by the following:

  • Water damage - the leading cause of home insurance claims, burst pipes and overflows are the leading culprits

  • Storm damage - high winds affects roofing tiles and falling trees break windows and conservatories

  • Fire damage - a relatively rare occurrence with devastating consequences, we will restore or rebuild your home

  • Smoke damage - often harder to detect as smoke can penetrate places which can’t be seen

  • Flood damage - one of the hardest damage to recover from which may require you to leave your home. We will help get you back in as soon as possible

The Insurance Repair Process Glasgow

Our 6 step insurance claim and repairs process seeks to get you back into your home quicker than you normally would. We call upon our experience working with insurers to make our process efficient. Here is what you can expect:

  1. A simple initial telephone call where you tell us about your loss and request a quote.

  2. Our surveyor attends to perform a detailed damage assessment including photos and measurements.

  3. We create a report within 48 hours of visiting your property and send it to your insurer. The report will contain a detailed quote for repairs.

  4. Because we know what insurers expect often our estimates and damage reports are accepted at first submission.

  5. Once your claim has been settled we are ready to commence repair work. We will keep you updated  every step of the way.

  6. Repairs are complete and you are over the moon, we will send an invoice directly to your insurer.


Suffered damage to your property and would like your insurance company to pay for the repairs? Give us a call now for a free no obligation insurance repair quotation.

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