You never realise how devastating a fire in the home can be until you experience it. Have you suffered a home fire in Coatbridge ? Did you know fire damage can go beyond what you can see. Specialist skill is required to fully assess fire damage in properties.


Getting you back on your feet in as little time as possible is our goal at Insure Restore. We have access to fire damage experts in the country who we depend on to provide accurate assessment of fire damage in your home. We will navigate the complicated insurance claim process on your behalf, saving you time and the hassle often encountered during insurance claims.


We try to cut down the time it takes from the initial claim call to settlement and the start of restoration repairs to your home. Insurers will generally attempt to limit the payout they make on your claim, it is our mission to ensure you receive your maximum entitlement.

Fire Damage Repair Coatbridge

Fire has the potential to cause more damage than all other home damage causes put together. The extent of the fire has a determination over how much damage it causes. Contents, fixtures, and the building fabric are all at risk in the event of a home fire. Water used to put out the flames can also cause secondary water damage.


Insure Restore as your claims management company will work together with other specialists to not only identify the damage but to expertly restore your home to its pre-loss condition.


In extreme cases where there has been extensive building fabric and structure damage, repair and restoration is deemed unsafe or not feasible. A rebuild will be recommended in such cases.

The Benefits of Managed Fire Damage Insurance Claim & Repair

Making an insurance claim for the repair of fire to your home can be time consuming. The repair work is extensive and managing it yourself can be more than a handful. Choosing Insure Restore to manage the claim and repair process on your behalf offers great benefits which include:

  • A project manager is appointed to deal with the insurance company, tradesmen and keeping you updated every step of the way

  • You are saved the hassle of the lengthy claims process

  • You enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing experts are fighting your corner. Another plus is not having to assume the risk for the repair work

  • Repairs are done faster as we have shorter claim cycles meaning you get to move back in quicker

  • You only get to pay the agreed excess on your policy, everything else is paid for by the insurance company directly

Give us a call today for your free fire damage repair quote. When you call we will also explain how the entire process work so that at the end of the call you can make an informed decision.

Experiencing a fire in your home is one of the most traumatic experiences you could encounter. The damage it causes is both physical and emotional. Fire has the potential to raze structures to the ground if not attended to early.


Restoring buildings from fire damage is equally challenging. Not all damage is visible and deep surveys are required to determine the extent of the damage. Getting back on your feet after suffering fire damage is not an easy process.


At Insure Restore we are committed to ensuring our thorough survey identifies all the damage and then provide you with a detailed quotation to repair the damage. We will work directly with your insurer so you don’t have to experience the hassle and inconvenience of dealing with insurance claims.

Fire Damage Repairs Lanarkshire

Suffered fire damage in your Lanarkshire home? Hlp is at hand to help you get back on your feet. We are an insurance repair company specialising in all kinds of insurance repairs, including providing expert fire damage repair services. A fire in your home will affect the buildings itself, its contents and often the structure of the building. You may also experience water damage due to the fire service’s efforts to put out the fire.


In cases of extensive blazes the building’s structure may be compromised. Expert damage analysis is required to ascertain the extent of the damage and prescribe the correct restorative measures.


If extended structural damage is discovered and repair is deemed unsafe, a recommendation for building replacement is put forward to your insurer.

Insure Restore Fire Damage Repair Process

A project manager is assigned to you when you choose us to manage your claim. The project manager is responsible for progressing your claim with the insurance company and organising every step of the process. When the process reaches the restoration stage the project manager is tasked with ensuring the restoration goes according to plan.


There are only 6 steps between you and a fully restored home. We work with a network of experienced fire damage restoration teams covering all trades.

  1. Pick up the phone to arrange for a home visit.

  2. We arrive to conduct in depth analysis of damage and gather evidence.

  3. 48 hours after survey we forward report and quote to insurance company.

  4. After claim is accepted and settled work is ready to begin.

  5. Restoration teams move in and begin the restoration work, the project manager will produce a plan and share it with you including projected completion date.

  6. After all work is complete and you are pleased with the results, we will invoice your insurance company.


Call us today for your free insurance repair quote. We will also answer any questions you may have about how we can manage the claims process on your behalf.


Have you suffered a fire at your home in Hamilton? No other event can cause as much dread and trauma as a home fire. The damage a fire is usually lasting, although the property damage can be repaired, it takes time to get over the experience. The least you can expect is getting your home fully restored as part of the healing process.


A comprehensive damage survey is required to identify all the damage from a fire. All fire damage is not detectable by the naked eye.


At Insure Restore we have been restoring fire damaged homes for many years and we have the skills and experience to thoroughly assess fire damage. We give you peace of mind, convenience and the freedom to spend time on the things you enjoy.

Fire Damage Repairs Hamilton

How much repair work is required to recover a property after fire damage will rely on two critical factors:

  • How much flame and heat damage has occurred

  • The extent of secondary damage due to smoke or water

Fire will also affect the structure of the building which will require a professional engineer to determine in most cases. Structural integrity is essential to any restoration work. If the structure is compromised then a rebuilt may be required.

How To Get Fire Damage Repaired In 6 Simple Steps

Getting fire damage repair through your insurance company can be a long and complicated process. That is why at Insure Restore we offer a claims management process to help you settle insurance claims faster. In just 6 steps we will eliminate all the signs of fire damage. The steps are as follows:

  • Contact us to request a free fire damage repair quote.

  • We arrange a visit to your home to assess the damage and gather evidence using photos and take measurements.

  • 48 hours later, we send a detailed report to your insurer including a detailed quote for all repairs.

  • Insurer assesses report and may request further evidence which we will provide. Upon approval and settlement of claim we are ready to start repairs.

  • Repair work commences and your assigned project manager will keep you informed of the progress.

  • Once all repairs are completed and you are satisfied with the work, we will send an invoice to your insurer. All you have to pay will usually be your agreed excess.


The majority of our clients opt for the managed claims service because it gives them peace of mind. Give us a call now to request your free insurance repair quotation.

Have you suffered fire damage in your home in Paisley? Are you not sure what step to take next to recover from this devastating event? Fire and smoke causes extreme damage to your home and its contents. The insurance claim process is lengthy and the chances of not receiving your full entitlement are greater if you chase the claim yourself. The effects of fire are so extreme that it’s easy to undervalue the total cost of damage.


Insure Restore are a local, reliable and professional fire restoration company ready to serve you. We will handle the claim for you, fight for your full entitlement from your insurer and carry out restoration work to a very high standard.

Common Causes Of Domestic Fires

We have come across a lot of different types of fire damage. The causes are varied and the most common causes of domestic fires include the following:

  • Cigarettes and other smoking materials

  • Cooking appliances cause nearly 50% of house fires every year

  • Electrical sockets and equipment due to overloaded sockets and use of extension sockets

  • Candles and naked flames

  • Open fires

Our goal at Insure Restore is to move you back into your home as quickly as possible. Moving back into your home after suffering fire damage is beneficial for the healing process.

Why Use Insure Restore For Fire Damage Repairs In Paisley?

We are an experienced fire restoration business and have successfully assisted hundreds of other homeowners in your situation. Our satisfied customers thanks us for providing a smooth and hands off claim process. They love how professional we are and how we keep them updated every step of the restoration process. We carry out repairs faster because we understand the insurance claims processes and what the insurers expect from every claim. he 6 step process is as follows:

  1. Call us immediately after the fire to kick off the process.

  2. We assess fire damage in detail and capture evidence by taking measurements and photographs.

  3. We present findings to your insurer who will generally request their loss adjuster to perform assessment.

  4. Insurance claim is accepted and approved we are ready to start work.

  5. Restoration process is overseen by project manager who keeps you updated on progress, completion dates, problems etc.

  6. Success! Restoration is complete and you are impressed with result. We invoice insurance company directly.

For your free fire damage repair quotation give Insure Restore a call today. We will also be able to answer any questions you may have about the fire damage repair process.

Fire is among one of the most devastating events that can happen to anyone. The ferocious nature of flames as they eat away at the home you have worked so hard for is not easy to bear. Recovering your home from such devastation is not that easy either, with a lot of work required to determine how much damage has occurred, before embarking on the restoration process.


Several experts are required to fully assess fire damage, a process that can be cumbersome for a homeowner to carry out on their own. Insure Restore has been in the fire restoration and insurance repair business for years now. We operate a one stop service for insurance claims, we deal with every aspect for you, including the repairs. We also settle the bill directly with your insurance company.

Why It’s Important To Have Professional Fire Damage Assessment

When you experience fire damage to your home, the extent of the damage is not that obvious. In general the damage caused by fire can be more than what can be observed by the untrained eye. Here is why it’s important to have experts help you assess the damage and the extent of repairs required:

  • Heat damage is not easily determined unless you know what you are looking for

  • Fire also affects the building structure which requires a structural engineer to assess in most cases

  • Smoke damage may also be present, also damage to electrical and communications cabling

  • Fire extinguisher such as foam or water may also cause secondary damage

  • Building ventilation systems may be affected especially in commercial buildings, cleaning may be required before any restoration work may begin


Receiving your full entitlement to your insurance claim will enable all identified damage to be repaired. Failure to assess the damage accurately may mean you will incur other repair costs further down the line. Insure Restore calls upon the expertise and experience of years in the industry to help make sure every aspect of the damage is repaired.

Professional Fire Restoration

Our claim and restoration process is simple and designed to get you back into your home as soon as possible. From the moment you give us a call to start off the process, we will assign a single point of contact.


We will communicate directly with your insurance company and provide them with all the photographic evidence and measurements detailing the damage. Within 48 hours of visiting your property we will present a detailed report to your insurer including a quote for all the repairs.

Due to the complexity of fire damage most insurers will often require their appointed loss adjusters involved in the process. We will visit your property with the loss adjusters and make every effort to make the process move along.


Once the insurers approve the claim and it’s settled, we will begin the laborious restoration process. We use a network of experienced tradesmen who we have a long working relationship with. On completion, we will bill your insurer directly as you move into your good as new home.


Call Insure Restore today to request your free fire damage repair quote. We have helped hundreds of customers just like you and would like to give you peace of mind and convenience.


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