Flood damage has become a real concern over the last couple of years. It is a growing risk for homeowners living in low lying areas. Insurance cover is available to help with restoration costs in the event of flooding occurring in your home. Having said that, the insurance claims process is often a frustrating experience and takes a long time to conclude. Also worrying about the repairs and ensuring a good job is done is often a challenge most people could do without.


This is why Insure Restore is your best friend when it comes to flood damage . With years of experience helping homeowners just like you to recover from flooding, we are here to help. You will have highly experienced and skilled builders and associated trades working to ensure you regain the home you love and cherish.

The Extent of Water Damage

Water damage caused by flooding can be rainwater, also known as grey water or sewage in some cases. The damage caused by flooding often takes a long time to resolve as you have to wait for flood waters to go down before any work can begin. Every aspect of a building is often affected, including walls, floors, furniture and the electrical installation.


Water also results in secondary damage such as promoting mould growth if the property is not allowed to dry out properly. For this reason, professional repair is recommended so that all potential sources of concern in the future are addressed.

Flood Damage Insurance Repair

Having a home insurance policy including flooding cover is the way to go if your home is prone to flooding. Obtaining your full entitlement in the event of a flood insurance claim is important as it allows you to have all the damage identified and repaired.


Insure Restore will assist with the claims process, ensuring all the damage is identified correctly, including secondary water damage. Insurance companies often try to limit the amount they payout for each claim. If you were to make a claim yourself you would have to deal with loss adjusters as they attempt to save the insurers money.


The benefits of using a claims management company include:

  • Shorter claim lifecycles

  • Full entitlement for insurance claims

  • Free service, all payment is obtained from your insurance company

  • Peace of mind as you don’t have to deal with the insurance company directly

What Else Does Flood Damage Insurance Cover


When you make a flood damage insurance claim, your insurer can pay for more than the actual damage. Other aspects you can have covered include:

  • Temporary accommodation

  • Pumping of rain water, grey water or sewage from your home

  • Temporary storage of your furniture and other belongings

  • Removal and disposal of all damaged belongings including furniture and carpets


If you have suffered flood damage to your home, give Insure Restore a call today for your FREE insurance repair quote.

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