Recovering from a fire can be difficult, both emotionally and getting through the restoration process for fire damaged buildings. Usually the damage goes beyond the visible and expert assessment is required to determine the extent of the damage and the recovery process. At Insure Restore, we have access to the knowledge and expertise required to get you back on your feet in as little time as possible. The insurance claim process can be complicated and is often long winded. Getting to a stage where you can start fire damage repair to your building can take months. It is our goal to make the waiting period as short as possible, while ensuring you receive a claim payout that will cover all the repairs required to bring your property back to life.

Fire Damage Extent

Fire damage is generally more extensive than a combination of all other property risks. The extent of fire damage repairs will ultimately depend on the extent of the fire. By its very nature fire destroys building contents, fixtures and even the building fabric itself. In the case of smaller fires which are put out by the fire brigade, smoke and water damage present bigger challenges that the fire itself.


When you appoint us to manage the claim process for you, we will work diligently with loss adjustors and other building experts to ensure a correct assessment of the damage is made.


In some situations the extent of the damage to the building structure is such that restoration work is not possible. In such situation building replacement becomes the focus of the claim process.


Professional Fire Damage Repair Work

We will appoint a project manager who will be your point of contact throughout the insurance repair process. He will create a project plan so that you know exactly when you can expect to return to your home or business premises. We have extensive experience restoring fire damage buildings and we call upon this on every job. Only highly qualified and experienced tradesmen are engaged on every aspect of the restoration process. We care about our customers and giving them our best work every time is our goal.


Here is why other customers just like you trust us with their insurance repair work:

  • We aim to process every claim as quickly as possible

  • We save you time and the stress of dealing with insurance claims by dealing directly with your insurer

  • You will be kept up to date every step of the way, we will never proceed with any step of the process without your consent

  • After all repairs are complete and you are satisfied we will bill your insurance company directly, you won’t have to pay a penny


Get in touch with us to request your free fire damage repair quotation today. Insure Restore, dedicated to giving you professional and hassle free insurance repair services.

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