Have you suffered any property due to any of the causes below


  • Water damage

  • Storm damage

  • Smoke damage

  • Fire damage

Did you know the claim process can drag on for weeks, even months if you try to do it all yourself? This can be a very frustrating, especially when your home is inhabitable and you have to live in.


What if there was a company committed to ensuring you got the damage repaired as quickly as possible. In addition what if that same company could provide you and with a FREE insurance repairs estimate and even follow through the entire claims process on your behalf?


At Insure Restore we are here to support you all the way through, from conducting the initial damage assessment to completing all the necessary repairs. The great thing is, our services won’t cost you a single penny! Yes, you heard that right, when we work directly with your insurance company, we ensure you receive the maximum payout that will cover all the repairs to professional standard. We will never send you a request for payment, because your insurance company will foot the bill.

Water Damage

A large portion of all home insurance claims every year is for water damage. The number of water using devices in the average home as well as d.i.y gone wrong are the leading causes. Leaving washing machines running when people go out or overfilled baths and blocked overflows are another common cause. Whatever the cause of your water damage problem, we are here to help restore your home to its original condition.

Fire Damage

Fire can have devastating consequences. The damage it causes goes beyond just the flame damage. The smoke and the water used by the firefighters can make the damage even worse. We can provide free quotes for fire damage repair and handle the claims process on your behalf, saving you time.

Storm Damage

The UK gets battered by storms and strong winds almost every year. Storms cause extensive damage to homes and commercial properties alike. Roofs and building structures suffer the most damage and most claims are for roof repairs. We help you through this storm damage repair process.

Smoke Damage

Even small fires can also cause more damage than is visible to the eye. Buildings with central ventilation systems are more susceptible to widespread smoke damage because of the available means of propagating the smoke. Professional restoration services are essential if you are to recover furniture, textiles and upholstery which has been exposed to smokes. Call us for a free insurance repair quote today.

Flood Damage

For some regions of the UK flooding has become an increasing threat. Flood waters can cause devastating damage and for those affected moving back in after the flood waters go down can take up to a year, if not more than that. The complicated insurance claim and assessment processes contribute to these long delays. At Insure Restore we will work on your behalf to ensure to receive the maximum payout possible, then carry out flood damage repairs to our high standards.


For a professional, reliable and straightforward service call us today. Our mission is to help you return to your home as quickly as possible after suffering an insured loss. We have some of the shortest claim cycles in the industry, meaning you don’t have to wait too long between making a claim and getting the damage repair work started. Give us a call to arrange a free insurance repair quote from us today.

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